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Welcome to the Haytons of Cumbria website
December 2, 2012 - 5:08:59 p.m.

The site includes all people with the surname Hayton, and their immediate families, that I have found throughout Scotland and the counties of Northumberland, Durham, Cumberland and Westmorland, plus the parts of Lancashire north of Lancaster, living before the start of the twentieth century.  There are about 5000 people that were given the surname Hayton from birth, together with about 3000 people that gained the Hayton surname through marriage or were otherwise connected to the Hayton families.  There are also about 800 people on my mother's side of the family, on the Goodchild and Grout lineages, mainly from Suffolk and Essex.

In researching the data for this site, my thanks go in particular to Ken Hayton, sadly now deceased, who contributed much early research into the Haytons in the former county of Cumberland; and also to my second cousin, Jean Davis, for much of the research on the Goodchild pedigree.

Other sites that contain linked people to the Hayton families and may be of interest are:

Joan Dunmore's family tree at this link

and the Ostle family tree at this link

There is no login required to view the great majority of the data on this site.  Only the details of a small number of living people are hidden from casual visitors.

I hope that you find the site useful.

Keith Hayton

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This family tree was last updated on May 13, 2015.

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Hannah SarginsonJune 21, 1866155Death
Mary HolliwellJune 21, 1862159Death
John Cowperthwaite + Margaret HaytonJune 21, 1882139Marriage
Joseph Wilson + Ann HaytonJune 21, 1881140Marriage
Thomas Hayton + Mary CowenJune 21, 1854167Marriage
John Hayton + Margaret GrahamJune 21, 1800221Marriage
John Hayton + Elizabeth HadwenJune 21, 1798223Marriage
Richard Walker + Issabell HaytonJune 21, 1747274Marriage
Jo Hayton + Isabel EmersonJune 21, 1722299Marriage
William Hayton + Margaret ArmstrongeJune 21, 1719302Marriage